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J12 is a biblical plan of action that raises the spiritual standard of preteens using the template of Jesus at 12 years old.  J12 does not use just another great historical figure.

We asked parents, "what if we could help our preteens strive to be like THE greatest historical figure - God, Himself, incarnate in the person of Jesus Christ."

Furthermore, did you realize that we have a glimpse into "God" when He was a 12 year old?  In His story, we find the Biblical basis to help our children grow in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and man.

J12 is a specialized strategy.  Based on the greatest preteen role model the world has ever known,  J12 gives specific structure for an 8-12 year old to discover their Father's business for their life and how to grow in their relationship with Him.

J12 is a comprehensive system and perfect fit for your preteen program.